Notion Templates

Save time on creating

Save time and increase productivity instantly by skipping the 20+ hours needed to create a thought-through and tested Notion system.

Tried and Tested

Instead of creating a template from scratch, simply duplicate tried and tested ones that will enhance your workflow.

Make It your Own

Once you have downloaded a template, simply duplicate it to your Notion workspace and make it your own!

Pick your next Notion Adventures

Daily Student Notion Dashboard

Your daily companion in your studies helping you stay on track with grades, assignments, syllabus, and homework.

Capstone / thesis research Notion Template

Stay on top of your research with this template. Follow a clear timeline and never lose another draft or document again.

Closet Declutter Template

Gain an overview of how many pieces you have in your closet, and at last sort out things that don't serve you and your body anymore.


“The Student Notion Template has transformed my academic life. The dashboard’s easy-to-use interface and extensive features simplified my task and assignment management by a loooot. Combined with the group project template, this has increased my productivity so much! Highly recommend to any student."
"The IELTS Dashboard was such a helpful tool in my exam prep. Learning with the template saved me hours of time and I finally got a band 8 after having failed my first exam! The links to other materials that Maria recommends are also very good."
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