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Hey there, I’m Maria 🌿 

I’m a Digital Marketer here to help you boost your productivity and enhance your career. My content is about entrepreneurship, personal growth, and practical productivity advice. I also share Notion templates to help you manage your knowledge, job applications, organisational chaos, and more.

Let us grow, work towards our goals, and find balance together. 

My videos, tutorials, and templates are designed to streamline your life, so you can focus on what matters – learning, having fun and making memories.

Featured Templates

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Closet Declutter – Notion Template

One of the first steps to tackling chaos in your life is getting rid of clutter: digital and physical. Clothes should fit our bodies, not the other way around, and yet we are all guilty of holding on to our past selves.
Tackle the chaos and free your mind 🫶

Free, Limited Availability

Find Accommodation
in Dublin

Designed specifically to simplify your moving abroad journey to Dublin, this resource gives you insight into safe neighbourhoods, helpful websites, a moving-in checklist, email templates, and a handy application tracker. Good luck! 🍀

From €‎49

Second Brain: Knowledge Hub

Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of notes? Think about the time you’ve wasted searching for that one article, tutorial, or idea you came across weeks ago. 
This Notion template is the solution to regain control of your knowledge 🙌

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