The Best IELTS Resources From A Band 8 Student.

There is a lot of advice on IELTS preparation on the internet. Do you find it hard to choose which advice to follow and which to avoid? It is easy to get discouraged or overwhelmed by the amount of tips out there.

I’m sure these resources will make studying for IELTS fun again for you!
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Here is a selection of what has helped me in my IELTS preparation:

📱 Useful Apps for IELTS prep:

For practicing IELTS speaking:

📌  Great IELTS prep Websites:

If you’re not in the mood for active learning, feel free to listen to Podcasts and watch IELTS YouTube videos, it helps a lot too!

Here are my favourites:

📺 Youtube Channels:



English Speaking Success

TOP IELTS TESTS (Speaking Exams with Scores)

🎤 Podcasts:

IELTS Speaking for Success

All you need for IELTS Success

Need Help preparing for IELTS?

🍀 Good luck!

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P. S. All opinions are my own, these are genuinely resources that have helped me in my preparation for IELTS

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